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In FullControl GCode Designer, you describe print paths using a range of feature-types, similar to CAD for 3D modelling. Unlike CAD, you define all aspects of the printing process for every line in the print path… direction, speed, extrusion rate, acceleration, tool number, and anything else you want. This includes the parametric description of non-geometric GCode strings, if desired.

FullControl has iteratively evolved to make this design process achievable even for structures with thousands or millions of lines of GCode. 

FullControl’s design approach allows freedom for:

  • Nonplanar print paths (e.g. zigzags in the highlight video on the home page)
  • Neat continuous print paths (e.g. for difficult-to-print materials)
  • Previously unimaginable structures (e.g. string scaffolds in the highlight video on the home page)
  • Much much more
The video here gives a technical introduction (20 min) to the use of FullControl, using live demonstrations to highlight: nonplanar layers, novel structural geometries, mathematical design approaches, innovative extrusion strategies, and calibration specimens with hundreds of unique printing parameter combinations.
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Designing in FullControl

The methodology of FullControl GCode Designer is described in an associated journal paper and in tutorial videos.

Method figures from the journal paper are shown below. For more details about these images, please click the link to download the paper (preprint version)

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Method images from the journal paper
FCarticle 1 - Versus slicer schematic
FCarticle 2 - Feature-types
FCarticle 3 - Design workflow
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The user interface of FullControl GCode Designer is built into an Excel workbook

Visual Basic macros interpret the user-defined features to generate GCode

It can be used without installing any additional software

Excel’s abundant functions can be used in formulas for parametric designs

How to use FullControl GCode Designer

See the video above and the tutorials page for video tutorials on how to use the software…

Future development

The software is open source so it is possible to adjust the code for specific hardware requirements or to add new feature-types.  

Contact me at if you have specific requirements. 

Adaptation for alternative manufacturing processes is already underway, as well as integration of my recent simulation method for microscale geometry (VOLCO – download link), but please get in touch if you have an interest in alternative functionality, such as:

  • Multi-process systems
  • Laser systems
  • Surface treatment processes
  • Anything else that uses GCode or enhances the software